Homework and This Week

Short Writing on Marquez! Due Nov. 7 on Canvas 

M 11/7 In Class: Magic Realism in Perspective faris-mr-definitionfaris-mr-definition

If you are interested in the whole article: faris

Sharnush Parsipur   Women without Men

Read “Afterword”

W 11/9 Haruki Murakami “The Elephant Vanishes” (story)
F 11/11 Murakami “The Little Green Monster” “Sleep”
13 M 11/14 Murakami – “TV People”


Film Run Lola Run SUT 3-5
W 11/16 Murakami “The Second Bakery Attack”


Paper 1st draft due Thursday, 11/17
F 11/18 Borges: ” On exactitude in Science”(One Paragraph)”exactitude

Baudrillard – 2 page Excerpt from Simulacra and Simulation simulacra_excerpt


Film Review Blog post – post before returning from break


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