Women Without Men


wwmWomen without Men (Iran 1990/ English 2011)

Author Shahrnush Parsipur

Wed – Mahdokt – Munis 3 (45)

Fri – Finish Book



Shahrnush Parsipur Websites


garden 2


Persian Gardens

The garden in ancient Persian culture is meant to reflect the heavenly “Paidarieza” (Paradise). It is:

A place to “rejuvenate the spirit”

A “meeting place for all elements of spiritual and material creation”

A place for “personal reflection as well as the strengthening of family, friendship, and community bonds”

A place to “reconnect with the spiritual self”

From the poet Hafez:

In a garden, renew your Zoroastrian faith

Yes, in the sanctuary of the Magi

For the fire that never dies burns

Strong within our hearts

Sufism = Islamic Mysticism 

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” – Rumi (13th century) – Jalaladdin Rumi (13th century)

Rumi is the best selling poet in the USA



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