Rashomon will be shown again on Tues. Nov. 1 at 5PM at the Student Union Theater!

Monday – End of 100 Years of Solitude

Wed – Women without Men Mahdokht – Munis Part Three (1-45)

Fri – Finish Women without Men

(There will be a quiz on Women without men on one of those days)

Marquez Response Paper – This is less formal than an essay. Look into a specific episode of the novel and explore it – what ideas does it generate?  (2-3 pages)  Due Monday (Midnight). Use any scene/storyline that you really liked. You don’t want to follow the entire life of a character, just explore one incident.   For example:

Jose Arcadio Buendia’s “madness” and death

Melquiades’ “room”  and the Prophetic book

The Ascension of Remedios the Beauty

The death of Jose Arcadio (the first son)

The sad fate of Pietro Crespi

The Banana Massacre

Amarantha and her shroud

Fernanda and the Invisible doctors







Ghanian writer Nii Parkes wrote of Marquez that he “taught the West how to read a reality alternative to their own, which in turn opened the gates for other non-Western writers…”



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