Proposal -Due Monday (Midnight)

I’ll be excited to hear about your proposals for your papers! Just one or two paragraphs is fine, and if you are trying to decide between two topics you can put forth both and I’ll give you feedback.

Reading Marquez, I’ve been noticing how much he is evoking alternative histories – not the grand narratives of the history books, but the local, human histories, stories and legends that make a place a home.   If you’re having trouble deciding on a project, an interesting one could be to unearth the lost/covered histories or stories of a place – it could be your hometown, or somewhere else.

Check out, for example, CCU’s own Atheneum Press project “Gullah, the Voice of an Island.” The authors travelled to Saint Helena’s Island to document the history and culture of the Gullah people who live there, including recording songs and stories that only the oldest people still know.

And remember in Borges’ Tlon, where things only existed when they were remembered? There is a podcast put out BBC called “The Museum of Lost Objects” – it is a project to keep alive ancient heritage that has been destroyed in Syria and Iraq during the recent wars – each podcast describes a lost object as dynamically as it can, to keep it alive, in a sense.

It seems to me our world is chock full of lost histories – we move so fast, and so much gets left behind. Or not? Do traces survive and influence the present? Marquez would think so – as you keep reading, you can see how the younger generations are influenced by the past, even when they don’t realize it.

Anyway, good luck in choosing topics. Find something you’re really interested in, so you will love your paper!






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