Nobel Prize

Gabriel Garcia Marquez won the Nobel prize for Literature in 1982 – Here is a link to his wonderful acceptance speech “The Solitude of Latin America” – It gives an interesting insight into 100 Years of Solitude!

And this year, American Bob Dylan beat out Haruki Murakami (who we’re reading soon) for the Nobel Prize! Not sure if I agree, but here’s my favorite from Dylan – seems as relevant today as it did in 1965, somehow. I’ve been wondering about this – Do you think the Swedish Nobel Prize commision (ie Europe’s intellectuals) is nostalgic for a different idea of America than it presents today? We aren’t really so aware of how much the idea of America can mean to other countries – it can bring down empires (the USSR, for one), inspire artists, dissidents, activists. The world doesn’t want to see a rebellious, idealistic, challenging America just f-f-fade away…


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